About Masaya

A Child in Crisis

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and no one is more driven than the mother of a sick child. On January 14, 2016, Annabelle Manalo brought home her healthy newborn son. Just two hours later, he was in crisis.

He began twitching and foaming at the mouth; he wasn’t feeding and seemed in a trance-like state. Back at the hospital, after a battery of tests and hours of waiting, Annabelle was told that her baby had a massive stroke, and, at just one-month old, he underwent brain surgery. Later, he was diagnosed with severe epilepsy, experiencing back-to-back seizures in the occipital region of his brain. If the seizures couldn’t be controlled, there was a strong possibility that he would develop abnormally. “My son was a zombie.”

Today, that 20-month-old child is thriving. He is doing everything they said he would never do: He is walking, eating and shows no signs of developmental deficits.

A Mother in Action

“My son got sick and I had to be a bit of a bandit and take it into my own hands.” In those frightening days at the hospital trying to help her child, Annabelle was driven and tireless in her efforts. She was frightened but focused. As a mother, she was aware of studies that showed CBD had promise in treating seizures. As a scientist, she meticulously researched CBD and its related products. She ultimately decided to try CBD to help control her son’s seizures. The CBD reduced the frequency and duration of his seizures, but she was dissatisfied with the delivery, potency and transparency of available CBD products.

So, as a scientist and a mother, she developed Masaya CBD.

About Masaya CBD

Masaya CBD is a patent-pending formulation that accentuates neuroprotectivity, allowing it to have a rapid and more efficient mechanism of action. It has twice the potency of any other product on the market today without THC or any other additives. In addition to controlling seizures, CBD shows great promise for reducing the symptoms of ALS and Parkinson’s Disease. It has also been shown to reduce chronic pain. The proven track record of CBD coupled with Masaya's dramatic improvements in content and delivery change the game, positioning Masaya at the forefront of the CBD industry.

About Dr. Annabelle Manalo

Dr. Annabelle Manalo earned her bachelor's degree in biology from Eastern Kentucky University with honors. She began her graduate work at Georgetown University in Neuroscience where her research focused on the partitioning of the thalamus by the Eph-Ephrin Receptors and Ligands. Annabelle completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, focusing on genetic mutations that mimic the offset effects that chemotherapy has on heart disease. 

“Masaya means happy.”
Dr. Annabelle Manalo